Wild About Harry

Produced by Bob Kevoian & Tom Griswold & Steve Allee & Dean Metcalf
Released 2003
Current Status: Available
Orginal Format: CD and Cassette

Bob and Tom's Tribute to Major League Baseball

Disc One - Track Listing
Length: 76:54

Harry and Dave
The Cal Ripken, Jr. Story
Harry and Superman
Harry and Albert
A-Hole Sports Drink
Harry and The Barbie Rep
Harry and Gloria
Around The World Series
Mr. Obvious and The Cub Scout
Larry and Sammy's Penis
Call from Cubs Fan
Harry with Melissa and Julie
Harry's Phone Sex Line
Harry with Madonna and Baby
Harry and Dennis
Ian St. Ian with Harry and Harry
Harry and Larry
Harry and Garry

Disc Two - Track Listing
Length: 76:19

 The First Baseball Game
The First Baseball Game - Part 2
Heaven vs. Hell Baseball Game
Harry and The Skipper
Harry and Dr. Jack
Harry and The Beatles
Baseball Memories
Harry's Song
Harry and The Orgasm Pill Doctor
Harry and Mike
Roberto and Mark
Harry and God
Harry and Babe
Harry and Judy
Harry and JFK
Harry and Diana
Harry and Señor Wences