The White Album (Cassette)

Produced by Bob Kevoian, Tom Griswold and Marc Much
Executive Producer: John Valant
Re-Mix Engineer: Pete Saetre
Asst Re-Mix Engineer: Cathy Shoemaker
Released: 1986
Orginal Format: Album and Cassette
Current Status: Not Available

Side One ("Missionary")
Dick and Hadji Trynoassatall
The Ricky Rydell Review Gonorrhea
The Mad Armenians The Ballad of Tommy G
The Jingle Pills A Period Piece
Snakepit Dave Just a Mario
Dr. Ruth Weisbona Noun or Verb
The Northside Travel Club The Language Lesson
The Ricky Rydell Review The Jerry Jive
Bob and Tom Women Flyers
Bob and Tom Bob Peters here?
Snakepit Dave Burger Pony
Bob and Tom's I'm OK, You're OK Chorale The Evil Mr. Ed Theme
Dave "The King" Wilson The King Lives
The Northside Travel Club The Bob and Tom Jazz Jingle

Side Two ("Doggie Style")
The Northside Travel Club Bob and Tom, The New Messiahs
Dale Jarvis Fat Like Santa
The Rick Wilson Band Let Your Reindeer Dump on Carmel
The Buckwheat Chorus O Little Town of Bethlehem
Twisted Christmas Santa Thing
The Northside Travel Club Johnny the Snowman
Gary Microwave and the Leftovers A Not So Silent Night
The Thomas Twins A Carmel-Greenwood Christmas
The Northside Travel Club Dead St. Nick
Marvin Braun The Commercial Christmas Song
Luciano Gazpacho In Praise of the Indianapolis Colts
Duke Tumatoe Lord Help Our Colts
The Ricky Rydell Review The Ballad of Bob and Tom

I have this recording on tape, here is the cover for that one:

And the inside: