Shabby Road

Produced by Tom Griswold
Executive Producer: John Valant
Engineered and Mixed by: Paul Mahern
Edited and Re-Mix: Pete Saetre, Bob Kevoian and Tom Griswold
Released: 1987
Orginal Format: Album and Cassette
Current Status: Not Available

Side One
Bob and Tom Famous Last Words
The Ricky Rydell Review and the Boobetties Boob-Tube Boogie
Dave "The King" Wilson Elvis's Armenian Dictionary
The Northside Travel Club Griswold: Uptown Boy
Bob and Tom The Question
Richard Smoker and the Whiskeyville Rump Rangers Swish Cola
Bob and Tom Arnie Whiskey: Frontier Golfer
Black 'n Decker Texas Chainsaw Valentine
Randy Montgomery Foreign Language
Paul Hardly Oral Roberts
Dave "The King" Willson The King's Forth of July
The Purple Veins Just Balls
Pete Gozinya The Deserted Island
The Love Brothers Loveboy Magazine
Dr. Ruth Weisbona The Dancer
The Northside Travel Club Bob and Tom: The "Scumbag" Theme
Kasey Kissem Long Distance Dedication
George Lopez Carmel, Indiana

Side Two
The Rickey Rydell Review Keep It In Your Pants, Jim Bakker
he Cloven-hoof, Pantet, Minus One, Times Two Bringing In the Sheep
Bob and Tom New Products
The Mad Armenians The Early Mondy Morning, Need a Cup of Coffee, Time to Fight the Freeway Blues
Murry and Jimmy "Mad Dog" Matis Birth Classes
The Ricky Rydell Review The Bob and Tom Song
Bob and Tom and the Old Man The Phone Call
Debbie and the Dulltones Don't Touch My Nerd
Howard C. and the Ricky Rydell Review The Picket Line Shuffle
Dick and Hadji Kiss and Tell

Scans of the Cassette Package:

Front Cover

Inside picture of the crew