It's a New Track Record

Cover for Bob and Tom's It's a New Track Record Produced by Tom Griswold
Musical Direction: Ted Benson, Ricky Rydell and Bob Kevoian
Engineer: Andy "The Blade" Symons
Additional Engineering: Steve McQueary and Alan Johnson
Released: 1989
Original Format: Compact Disc and Cassette
Current Status: Not Available

This album was a fundraiser for the Children's Wish Foundation and the Jan Opperman Fund

Length: 63:30

Jose Blojovian and the Mad Armenians At the Race
Haywood Banks The Indy Song (Indeed)
Tom Grisworld and Steve Saige "The Old Man"
Tammy Whynot and the Simonizers A Song for Dick
The Love Brothers Vaseline Alley
Duke Tumatoe A Tribute to Bob and Tom
Kent Webber My Town Brownsburg
Hyestan Blojovian and the Twin Armeniettes Lovely Linda
Dean and Jerry Big Knockers
Randy Lubas Hemorrhoids
The Northside Travel Club Just Another Race Song
Steve Saige Pee Wee on Vacation
The Bizarro Drivers The Indy Car Shuffle
The Bob and Tom Almost All Star Band The Bob and Tom Theme
Tex Blojovian and the Man Armenians The Drinking Song
Ronnie Bullard Driving Me Crazy
The Mad Armenians Two for the Road
Cousins from Venus Weathergirl (A La Pat Carlini)
Randy Montgomery A.J. Ghandi
Pismo Blec & The Repugnant Scum Tom & Boopsie
Dave "the King" Wilson Live from the Speedway Snack Bar
Phil Cracker and the Chicken Chokers Swimsuit Edition
Danny and the Quayles I Want to Drive at "The 500"
Chick McGee Chick's Sports Probe
Max Zero James Garner, Save Me!
Hadji Pan Flute, the Hadji Method
Tommy G and the Tomtones Bitchin' Guy
Jimmy "Mad Dog" Matis The Rooster Song / Her Majesty's Deanos

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Cover of Bob and Tom's It's a New Track Record

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