Motorheads Cover

Produced by Tom Griswold
Released 1992
Current Status: Not Available
Orginal Format: CD and Cassette
Length: 77:11

Track Listing
The Law Minute - Jack Thomas
Don't Have It In Me - Duke Tumatoe & The Power Trio with Jimmy "Mad Dog" Matis
Trim Fast - Tommy Lasorda
At the Old, Old Ball Game - Dan St. Paul
Fishin' Worms - Heywood Banks
Mayberry Rocks - The Hilljackson 5
The King Gives Advice to a Young Rock Star - "JM" & The King
Air Hogans - The Love Brothers
Bob Kloppenberg Sings Led Zeppelin - Chick & Dean
The Genie Song - Hyestan Blojovian & The Bo-Deanos
Breast Enlargement Cream - Jimmy "Mad Dog" Matis
D.O.G.H.O.U.S.E. - Jimmy "Mad Dog" Matis
The Suicide Attempt - The Deanooooooooooooos
The Music's Too Loud! - Heywood Banks
The BiJae Theatre with Hyapatia Lee - The Love Brothers
Elvis was a Narc - Pinkard & Bowden
Mousse Head - Brad Garrett
More from Amish Bell - Randy Montgomery & Steve Saige
Fishin' Hole - Philo Goodwoody
The Stripper Hotline - Miles O'Toole
Another First Bank - Randy Montgomery & Steve Saige
The 911 Song - Heywood Banks
Car Tips with Mr. Obvious - Mr. Obvious
Motorheads - Dean & Jerry
Sid Gurney: Infield Security - Bard & Sid
Humphrey Gocart: Private Eye
The Old Speedway - Martin, Barton & Fargo
Sid Gurney: Infield Security (Part 2) - Bard & Sid
Hot for the Throttle - Duke Tumatoe & The Power Trio
King, Take 2 - Dave "The King" Wilson
Race Cars