Cover for Bob and Tom's Mistletoe Produced by Bob Kevoian, Tom Griswold, Steve Allee and Dean Metcalf
Executive Producer: Unknown
Re-Mix Engineer: Unknown
Asst Re-Mix Engineer: Unknown
Released: 2003
Original Format: Compact Disc and Cassette
Current Status: Available

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Track Listing

I Want a Boob Job for Christmas  
Dear Santa Sean Morey
I Hate Christmas Nick Blojovian
Mr. Obvious and the Christmas Tree  
It's Christmas (Let's Have Sex) Duke Tomatoe
The Living Nativity Sid and Bart
You Ain't Getting Diddly Squat Heywood Banks
PMS for Christmas  
Look Out, It's Santa Duke Tomatoe
Cash, Cash, Cash Heywood Banks
Under the Mistletoe Dean and Jerry
Let's Put Christ Back in Christmas Pat Godwin
Marge and Santa  
Christmas at Grandma's Duke Tomatoe
Live Home Christmas Theater  
Santa Clothes Dean and Jerry
Chicky, Icky, Icky Heywood Banks
Mr. Obvious and the Santa Question  
Frosty the Bluesman Heywood Banks
This Christmas House  
Open Me First Tammy Whynot
The Night Before Christmas The Love Brothers
Give Me What I Want for Christmas Duke Tomatoe
Let's Put the X Back in Christmas Pinkard and Bowden
We Won't Get Drunk this Christmas Bob and Tom