With a Little Help from Our Friends

Little Help Cover

Produced by Bob Kevoian & Tom Griswold
Released 1989
Current Status: Not Available
Orginal Format: CD and Cassette
Proceeds: Gleaners Food Bank of Indianapolis and Childern's Wish Foundation of Indiana
Length: 71:22

Track Listing
Bob & Tom's Almost All-Star Band / With a Little Help From Our Friends - The Beatawfuls
Arnie's Revenge - Arnie Whiskey
Eighteen Wheels on a Big Rig - Heywood Banks
The Alter-Ego - David Stassman & Chuck Wood
The Love Brothers Do Eighteen Holes - The Love Brothers
Buttman - Warren Piece & The Baloney Ponies (Featuring Chick McGee)
Moseying Between Brain Halves - Jeff Marder
The Exxon Song - The Northside Travel Club
Technology - Steve Altman
Son of the Rooster Song - Jimmy "Mad Dog" Matis & The Doggy Stylistics
Dating - Vic Dunlop
Mr. Griswold - Ricky Rydell
Elvis Lives (Again) - Dave Wilson
The Girl Named Pat Carlini - The Deanos
On Vacation - Dave Dugan
Tom Griswold at Parties - Hadji Production
Jerry's World - Jerry Elliott
Bakker Acres - Ricky Rydell and Tom Griswold
Sports - Brian Kiley
The Dog & Chick Polka - Frank Yankovian & The Wankers
Do You Hunt? - Brad Garrett
Nick's Lunch - Nick Aragua
Blow Me a Kiss - Dean & Jerry
Tom Wiskey Frontier Movie Producer - Tom Whiskey
I Pledge My Devotion to Bob & Tom - Haywood Banks
We Don't Need No Stinking Lyrics - The Deanos
The Truth About Chic Perrin - John Fox
Q-Speak - Nick Aragua
Tommy Dearest - Chick McGee
Attention Nazis - Dick & Hadji
The Real Sgt. Pepper's Story - The Love Brothers
Bob & Tom's Almost All-Star Band (Reprise) - The Beatawfuls
Her Majesty's Carlini - The Deanos
It's Christmas & I Wonder Where I Am - Dudley Moron
Griswold, The Handsome Genius - Tommy G. & The Junior Tom-Tones
An Armenian Christmas - Dick & Hadji
Hadji's Eight Days of Christmas - Dick & Hadji
A Sportscaster's Christmas - Keith Jackson
You Ain't Gettin' Diddley Squat - Heywood Banks