Indiana Rocks


Produced by Bob Kevoian & Tom Griswold & Dean Metcalf & Steve Allee
Released 2000
Current Status: Available
Orginal Format: CD and Cassette
Length: Disk 1 69:49 * Disk 2 73:24

Track Listing
Disk 1

 1. Indiana Rocks

Jimmy "Mad Dog" Matis
 2. Traffic Control Kent Webber
 3. I Can't Drive 465 Chooch Kennedy
 4. Big Peter The Raging Diamond Cutters
 5. It's a Hoosier Thing Rural Merle Hicks
 6. Indy's Big Bust Tour The Love Brothers
 7. Don't Have it in Me Duke Tumatoe
 8. The Q-95 News Team Chick and Kristi
 9. Weathergirl Cousins from Venus
10. Indy Radio Nick Aragua
11. He's a Mad Dog Jimmy "Mad Dog" Matis
12. Bob Knight in Australia  
13. Talking Bob Knight Doll  
14. Hoosier Prayer / Coach Potato Don Flusher/Red Hooper
15. Bob Knight...the Early Years  
16. The Indianapolis Song Steve Altman
17. Pan Flute: The Hadji Method Hadji
18. My Birthday Wish The Mad Armenians
19. When the Beer Runs Out Jimmy "Mad Dog" Matis
20. The Indy Song Heywood Banks
21. My Town Brownsburg Kent Webber
22. On the Road to Indy Dean and Jerry
23. Mr. Obvious Show Mr. Obvious
24. 500 Miles Heywood Banks


Disk 2

 1. Big Knockers 2000

Dean and Jerry
 2. Reggie Duke Tumatoe
 3. Chasing Spike Lee Chick
 4. Pacer Tribute Nick Wayne
 5. Reporting from Atlanta Dave Gunn
 6. Rik Smits can Dance Duke Tumatoe
 7. Reporting from the Airport Dave and Lisa Gunn
 8. Skin to Win Jimmy "Mad Dog" Matis
 9. Larry Bird Duke Tumatoe
10. Boom Baby 2000 Duke Tumatoe
11. Mad Dog Sings the Blues Jimmy "Mad Dog" Matis
12. Mr. Obvious and the QB Mr. Obvious and Jeff
13. Let'er Rip Duke Tumatoe
14. Harry and the QB Harry and Jeff
15. Go Colts Duke Tumatoe
16. Lord Help our Colts 2000 Duke Tumatoe
17. Dickie V Duke Tumatoe
18. Do the Mad Dog Jimmy "Mad Dog" Matis
19. The Indy Song 2 Heywood Banks
20. Naptown Blues Duke Tumatoe
21. If Santa was a Hoosier The Bob and Tom Band
22. The Indianapolis Christmas Song Steve Altman
23. The Griswold Who Stole Christmas Dave Dugan
24. The Rooster Song Jimmy "Mad Dog" Matis