Gimme an "F"

Produced by Bob Kevoian, Tom Griswold, Steve Allee & Dean Metcalf
Released 1997
Original Format: CD and Cassette


Disk One
Time: 74:00

Gimme an "F" - The Mad Armenians
College Football - Dan Greuter
Harry & The Barbie Rep
Dr. Wolf & The Cosmonauts
Star Warts
Store-Bought Boobies - Floyd & Lloyd
My Life - Larry Reeb
Marge & Suzen Johnson
The Amazing Krisco
The Pacemaker
The Zany Report - Bob Zany
Spit-Take Theater II
Daddy, Please Don't Go - Todd Yohn
Harry & Larry
Smoking Pot - Paul Gilmartin
A Letter to My Penis - Rodney Carrington
Mr. Obvious: The Dishwasher
Marriage - Marc Maron
Marge & Farrah
Stairway to Heaven's Gate - The Mad Armenians
Gamblin' Buddies
Hawaii - Geechy Guy

Disk Two
Time: 74:00

Nasty Stuff (Live) - The Chick McGee Experience
The Job Interview - Dan Greuter
Spit-Take Theater III
People, News and Views - Larry King
The Woman Song - Sean Morey
My Girls - Ric Schrader
Circumcision - The Mad Armenians
Tips from Uncle Larry - Larry Reeb
Exit 69 - The Love Brothers
Hot & Ready to Party - Duke Tumatoe & the Power Trio
Harry & Gloria
The Talking Doll
Bart & Nadia's Honeymoon
Get Drunk with Dignity - Tim Cavanagh
Uncle B.S. - Tim Wilson
Marge & the Spice Girls
Gurney See, Gurney Do - Sid & Bart
The Cartoon Animal Song - Heywood Banks
Mr. Obvious: The Turkey
N.C. Double D.
Santa Clothes - Dean & Jerry