Fun House

Produced by Bob Kevoian & Tom Griswold & Dean Metcalf & Steve Allee
Released 1997
Current Status: Available
Orginal Format: CD and Cassette
Length: 74:00

Track Listing
Cathy & Pappy
Working - Greg Fitzsimmons
Harrassaway - The Love Brothers
Fred - Rodney Carrington
Marge & Paula
The Skeleton - Mohandes K. Gandhi
Mom - Greg Fitzsimmons
Pull My Finger Charlie
You Can Be Mean to Me - Heywood Banks
The Pallbearer - Jeff Rothpan
Feminine Hygiene - Todd Yohn
Douche Commercial - Renne Hicks
Ch-Ch-Ch-Chick - The Chick McGee Experience
A Girl Like You - The Mad Armenians
Pictionary, Etc. - Bruce Clark
The Sexy Trekkie - Matt Weinhold
Harry & Miss Universe
He Said, She Said - Sean Morey
Spit Take Theater
Yiddish for Rednecks - Robert Rothstein
The Nail
Crime & Punishment - Mark Cordes
Tim's Blues - Tim Cavanagh
Men & Women - Steve McGrew
I Kill You - Tim Wilson
Hurt Me Elmo
Phone Message to Dad - Sam Griswold
Ian & The Dinosaur - Ian St. Ian
The Guiding Shiite
Hot Coffee - Mike Saccone
Marge & Martha
Time to Go - Steve Altman