Find My Keys and We'll Drive Out!

Find Keys Cover

Produced by Bob Kevoian & Tom Griswold
Released 1990
Current Status: Not Available
Orginal Format: CD and Cassette
Length: 72:18

Track Listing
Find My Keys & We'll Drive Out - Rudy Blojovian and the Mad Armenians
Tim Allen
Andy's the Sheriff - The Traveling Marberrys
Baby Sam's First Day - Sam B. Griswold
The Pancreas Song - Heywood Banks
Jeff Gerbino
Speed Up Speedway - Rich Hunter Band
Randy Lubas
El Passed Out (At the Speedway) - Mary Rottins & The Nitty Gritty Dirt Nap Band
Jack Thomas
Hadji's Road Buddy - Hadji
Infield Restaurant - Jimmy "Mad Dog" Matis
More Cushion....Less Pushin' - Dean & Jerry
Don't Wipe It On Me, Marie! - Heywood Banks
Pam Stone
The Q-95 Deliverance Weekend - The Fabulous Ned Beatty Boys
Condom Man - Glen Super
Bitchin' Guy... Again and Again! - Tommy G. & The Tomtones
Jerry From the Phone Company
John C. Homes Builders - The Love Brothers
Burger Pony - Snakepit Dave & The Seattle Slaws
Dave "The King Wilson"
"Bush" Perfume - Chick, "Dog", Kristi, Tom & Mark
The Harry Carey Song - The Ricky Rydell Review
Hadji's Home Shopping Network - Hadji
The Weasel Song - Heywood Banks
The Bob Kevoian Home Game - Bob Kevoian
Just One Bullet - Tommy G. & The Tomtones