Hi, My name's Danny and this is my band "Danny and the Quayles..."

Bob and Tom have always been in the crosshairs of people wanting to censor them for crude and adult themes on their show, but in 1988 they were being targeted for a different reason.  The presidential tickets had just been finalized and George Bush had chosen Indiana native Dan Quayle to be his running mate.  The media immediately reported that Dan had avoided the war in Viet Nam by joining the Indiana National Guard.  The report also stated that his dad pulled some strings to keep him out of the war in into the Guard.

Bob and Tom recorded parody song, "Back Home Again in Indiana". Those familiar with the Indy 500 will recognize that song as the one Jim Nabors sings before the each race.  Bob and Tom's version was called "I Spent the War in Indiana".  It was played on their show only a few times before it was yanked from the air.  The rumor at the time was pressure from the Indiana republican party was the reason (at this time, Bob and Tom was just local to Indiana).

Bob and Tom couldn't play the song, but they did release it on a very limited cassette tape.  On the B-Side of this tape is Hadji's apology to Dan Quayle: "Oh Danny Quayle".

Looking back on this song today, it's seems laughable that they were forced to pull this song from the air when you compare Dan's military record to the man who was president next.......

Here are those songs:

  "I Spent the War in Indiana" -- by Danny and the Quayles
Parody lyrics by Tom Griswold and Ricky Rydell

Danny (Speaking): Hi, My name is Danny and this is my band, Danny and the Quayles. We had to pull some strings to get this recording contract but we did and this is our first song. Thanks Dad.

(Music Starts - "Back home Again in Indiana")

I spend the war in Indiana,
Getting shot was not for me.
I never went to Nam, I never saw Saigon,
I only watched it on TV

I spend the war in Indiana,
I never saw a combat zone.
While my buddies hid in foxholes dodging napalm,
I was safe inside my Indiana home.

The Quayles:
He spent the war in Indiana,
While his neighbors went to fight
He never did a hitch
Because his daddy’s rich
He was comfy and cozy at night

I spend the war in Indiana,
To the Guard I was on loan.
And the only thing I killed was Hoosier weekends,
I was safe inside my Indiana home.

The Quayles:
He spent the war in Indiana,
In a summer camp platoon.
He never had to fight,
And now he’s on the right
And he’s singing a different toon.

But the story isn’t over,
Now I want to be VP
And went we start the next war I’ll be watching
From a bunker below Washington, DC!

"Oh Danny Quayle" -- By Hadji
Parody lyrics by Marc Much

Hadji: Kinda got approached by some people to write an apology song.
Bob: Oh really
Hadji: You know for that one that kinda got yanked off the air..
Bob: “I Spent the War in Indiana”, is that the one you talking about.
Hadji: Yea
Tom: By Danny and Quayles
Hadji: So I have this apology song I wrote I’m gonna play it now.

(Music Starts - Traditional Folk Song, Danny Boy)
Oh Danny Quayle,
We’re sorry that we slandered you.
We called you names and claimed you ducked the draft.
Then we got calls from tons and tons of listeners,
They said they’d love to kick us in the aft.

We screwed up big time,
We listened to Tom Griswold.
But we repent, the song was just in fun

We will desist from singing songs about you
And your alleged tryst with Paula Parkenson!

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