Checkered Past

Produced by Bob Kevoian & Tom Griswold & Dean Metcalf & Steve Allee
Released 1995
Current Status: Available
Orginal Format: CD and Cassette
Length: Disk 1 - 76:07 * Disk 2 - 76:25

Track Listing
Disk 1: Bob & Tom's Greatest Race Songs
Just a Mario - Snakepit Dave
Carb Day! - Tim Allen
Sittin' On My Van at the Track - Max Zero
A.J. Gandhi - Randy Montgomery
A.J. Bad Night - A.J. Foyt
A.J. (This is Quite True) - Duke Tumatoe & The Power Trio
Sid Gurney: Infield Security - Sid & Bart
At the Race - The Mad Armenians
Vaseline Alley - The Love Brothers
The Old Speedway - Martin, Barton & Fargo
Lovely Linda - Hyestan Blojovian
Find My Keys and We'll Drive Out - The Mad Armenians
Honey, You're the Pits - Tammy Whynot & Braxton Hicks
Humphrey Gocart: Private Eye - Humphrey Gocart
I Love the Race - Duke Tumatoe & The Power Trio
Motoheads (1995) - Dean & Jerry
A Song for Dick - Tammy Whynot
The Legend of Vendor 409 - Chuck Chuck Bo Buck & The Banana Fana Four
Two for the Road - The Mad Armenians
A Racing Dream - Northside Travel Club
Body Fuel - Chick & Dean
James Garner, Save Me - Max Zero
Two Tickets, Maybe Three - Duke Tumatoe & The Power Trio
Grandma Got Run Over By a Racecar - Jethro Pitts
The Unser Family - Rev. Earnest Honestly
Just Another Race Song - Northside Travel Club
El Passed Out (At the Speedway) - Marty Rottins
On the Road to Indy - Dean & Jerry
500 Miles - Heywood Banks

Disk 2
I Wanna Be Like Hef - Bruce Horney & The Strange
Grandpa Wiskey - Dave "The King" Wilson
A Girl on Theology - The Electric Amish
The Talking Bob Knight Doll
Laudry - Mike Saccone
Acid Country - Tim Wilson
Dumb & Dahmer
Freefall Sex from the Seventh Floor - Paul Gilmartin
Madge - Dick Nixon
Dr. Pooper - Harry Colonic, Jr.
Bob Knight in Australia - Steve Salge
Sidewalk Serenade - Heywood Banks
Henry Wiskey - Dr. Tom Wiskey
Mr. French Tickler
Indiana Girls - The Baker Boys
Vic's Formula 44-D Cup
Lover's Duet - Virginia Kegal & Dick Johnson
The O.J. Simpsons
Lance Ito's Side Bar and Grill
Hello, Kato - Steve Salge
The Defense - Dan St. Paul
The O.J. Simpson Update - James Brown
Rance Ito - Mark Patrick
Under the Covers with Sharon Stone - Dr. Left Hook
Body Piercing
The Step Father - Ric Schrader
Courtney Wiskey - Dr. Tom Wiskey
At the Old Ball Game - Dan St. Paul
Sid Gurney: Infield Security 2 - Sid & Bart
Big Knockers (New Version) - Dean & Jerry
Earth Day (Tom's Birthday was First)