Back In '98

Produced by Bob Kevoian & Tom Griswold & Dean Metcalf & Steve Allee
Released 1998
Current Status: Available
Orginal Format: CD and Cassette
Length: Disk 1 66:00 * Disk 2 70:37

Track Listing
Disk 1
A Guy Walks Into a Bar - John Fox
Elk Hunt
Siamese Twins - Todd Yohn
Marge & The Chihuahua
People, News & Views - Larry King
Bob's Circus - Jeff Rothpan
The Carjacking - Mr. Obvious
Diana & Mother Theresa - Dr. Tom Whiskey
Harry & Diana
Papa Razzi Pizza
El Conquistador - Joel Lindley
The One I Love - Heywood Banks
Cliff Notes Theater: Titanic
Relationships - Matt Weinhold
Discount Movie Review - Bart and Sid
Growing Up - Rocky LaPorte
Marge & Antonio
The Man in the Iron Mask
Fergie's New TV Show - David Crowe
Spit-Take Theater
I'm Sick of Being Sick - Bob Kevoian
Uncle B.S., 1944 & 1492
Dick Vitale Alarm Clock
Around the World Series
Animal-Walks-into-a-Bar Hotline

Disk 2
Heaven - Barry Martin
Vegas & Death - Matt Weinhold
Too Hot for Radio - Mr. Obvious
People, News & Views #2 - Larry King
Uncle B.S. 1836 - Tim Wilson
Stiffer Image Catalog - The Love Brothers
Airline Travel - Jeff Rothpan
Friggemall Phone Co.
I'm Fat & I'm Forty - John Fox
Chick McGee School of Masturbation
The Doctor's Visit - Lord Carrett
Farmageddon - The Electric Amish
People, News & Views #3 - Larry King
Kung Fu Clinton
The Clinton Speech
I Want a Date with Monica Lewinsky - LaBeatos
Marge & Ken
Advice from a Candidate
Ken Starr Trek
It's Who You Know - Tim Wilson
The Cleaner
You Don't Give Me Hummers - Bill & Monica
Uncle B.S., One Hour BC - Tim Wilson
White House Christmas Album Offer
Thanks for the Seventy - Tim Cavangh