A Day at the Race (Cassette)

Produced by Tom Griswold
Executive Producer: Unknown
Re-Mix Engineer: Unknown
Asst Re-Mix Engineer: Unknown
Released: 1988
Original Format: Cassette
Current Status: Not Available

Side One
Dave Mace Back Home Again at the 500
Max Zero James Garner, Save Me
Sid and Hadji Mall Cop
The Raging Diamondcutters Big Peter
Haywood Banks The Indy Song
Marvin Braun The Short 500 Song
Dan, Tom and the Deanos Prunes
The Drivers Indy Car Shuffle '87 Live
The Love Brothers Stripper Downs

Side Two
The Mad Armenians At the Race
Dave "The King" Wilson Elvis at the Track
The Northside Travel Club Rubber Up
The Unser Family Rev. E. Honestly
Snakepit Dave Madison Avenue 500
Poon Tang-Tones Butch Beer
Max Zero Sittin' on My Van at the Track
Dave "The King" Wilson Elvis: Still the King
The Bizarro Drivers Indy Car Shuffle '88

I have this recording on tape, but do not have the cover.

Here a a calendar image promoting this album