Air Heads

Air Heads Cover

Produced by Bob Kevoian & Tom Griswold & Steve Allee
Released 1991
Current Status: Not Available
Orginal Format: CD and Cassette
Length: 77:05

Track Listing
Airheads - Dean & Jerry
College Days - Mark Eubanks
Chug-A-Lug - Bluto Blojovian featuring Sid Gurney
Cats & Dogs - Bert Challis
Kill a Cat - Glenn Super
Cookin' With the King - Dave "The King" Wilson
If I Had a Bulldozer - Heywood Banks
This God-Damned House - Bart & Sid
Do the Mad Dog - Jimmy "Mad Dog" Matis
Back at the Zoo - John Fox
Amish Bell (Call Waiting) - Randy Montgomery & Steve Saige
It's a Hoosier Thing (You Wouldn't Understand) - "Rural" Merle Hicks
Ian Saint Ian's Rock Minute - Ian Saint Ian
I've Made Up My Mind - Heywood Banks
Love to Play the Blues - Duke Tumatoe & The Power Trio
Mike Tyson - Bert Challis
Howard on Mike Tyson - Mark Patrick
Don't You Grab My Butt, Now - M.C. Slammer featuring George Lopez & DaRon
What I'd Do With Mike Tyson for 60 Million Bucks - Robert Schimmel
The Sports Fan - Ed Yeager
The King Answers the Phone - Dave "The King" Wilson
The Mr. Obvious Show (The Critter)
Make Room for Teddy
The Douche Baron - John Fox
Heywood Banks Answers the Phone - Heywood Banks
Red Ants - Heywood Banks
The First Bank
Bob's Armenian Heritage - Brad Garrett
Peek-A-Boo Camera
Nut 'N Raisin Honey
Open Me First - Tammy Whynot
It's Christmas - Duke Tumatoe
Fat, Like Santa - Dale Jarvis
Let's Give Love for Christmas - Carl Storie & Friends